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Optimus Yellow:

For simple noise level measurements where all you need is Sound Level (SPL) or Lmax, an optimus yellow is the ideal instrument.

Optimus Red:

For Noise at Work and Industrial Hygiene Measurements to UK, EU, OSHA,MSHA or ACGIH, an optimus red is the ideal instrument.

This new range of Sound Level Meters are simple to use with the very highest level of performance.

These instruments will measure every parameter simultaneously so there is no possibility of you setting the wrong function, but only the most important data is displayed on the screen. Download datasheet or
find out more.

The push of three buttons can give you all the information you need to assess & deal with Noise issues.

Cirrus Research has released the new SoundSign™, a highly visible noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a preset noise level is reached. The SoundSign™ is ideal for Noisy Environments such as: Factories, Workshops, Pubs and Nightclubs as well as Quiet Environments such as: Hospitals, Libraries and Schools.

Noise Zones made Easy!

With environmental issues such as exhaust emissions, carbon footprints, waste recycling and global warming dominating forums around the world, environmental noise has also become a topic of interest and concern for many, including the public. Noise generated at Airports, Construction Sites, Mines, Road Traffic as well as the Entertainment Sector are resulting in numerous complaints from the general public. NAPAS, with more than 20 years experience in the field, has assisted numerous clients in the Mining, Industrial and Entertainment Sectors to conduct Environmental Noise Monitoring and with the leading instrumentation available from Cirrus Research in the UK this type of monitoring can now be done with even more accuracy and ease on both a permanent or instantaneous basis.

From Airports to Nightclubs

NAPAS representatives have been working around-the-clock shifts to assist a prominent client in ensuring that their workers are not exposed to harmful conditions while commencing repair-work on cables damaged in an underground fire.

We would like to thank our dedicated staff who have sacrificed their personal-time and families to provide the service we are proud of!

Effective Noise monitoring has become an area of importance to Public Services, Industry and Mines of late and NAPAS has been requested to assist numerous Industrial and Mining Sectors to monitor their Personal and Environmental Noise Exposures by both recommending the most suited Cirrus Noise Measurement Instrumentation for specialised application as well as conducting and assisting International Companies in Noise Monitoring. Find out more ...

Industry and Mines

Committed to Safety and Service

Established in 1988, NAPAS celebrates its 20th year of existence. NAPAS was the first AIA registered with the Department of Manpower to conduct personal gravimetric dust sampling for mines, quarries and factories in South Africa. More about us...

1988 to 2008 - NAPAS Celebrates 20 Years in Existance!

NAPAS has set up a local Calibration Centre to cut down on shipping time and costs from South Africa to Cirrus Research plc, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the doseBadge in the UK. There is no other Calibration facility in SA that can service or calibrate your Cirrus, old-type Casella or Pulsar doseBadges. Find out more ...

Local Calibration Centre for doseBadges and Sound Level Meters

What are the milestones?

- The CR:262 Sound Level Meter Complies

Mine Health and Safety Council Milesones for Occupational Noise


See you there!

NAPAS will be exhibiting at OSH Expo Africa from Tuesday the 18th until Thursday the 20th of June 2013 at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Please take the time to come and visit our stand for all your Occupational Hygiene monitoring requirements!

For more information on the expo you can visit the following website: or contact us on 011 674 2080 or
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